Calming the chaos


Photo courtesy of Dennis Behm (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Dennis Behm (Creative Commons)

Ever feel like your life is a thunderstorm building?

I recently texted a friend that I felt a bit like I was treading water and the only thing above water was my nose! His response was, “Be still and know that I am your God.”

It made me stop cold. I realized that my problem was primarily that I was doing everything but that.

I was busy trying to figure it out all myself. I wasn’t asking for or accepting help. I was feeling I was an island and no one else could do these things.

I could not have been more wrong.

I stopped moving frantically and said a quick prayer. A recent sermon at church echoed the idea that storms are an opportunity for a conversation with God if we will just be still and pray. The storm started to still.

I won’t say that the situation improved immediately, but I felt a lot less frantic once I actually focused on what was most important. Sometimes I think we spin our wheels because we aren’t doing the things God wants us to be doing. It takes listening for His direction and guidance to get back on track.

The storms dissipate when we remember to pray, to ask advice and help, and focus on doing the next more important thing, instead of thinking we have to do it all.

What storms are you facing?