Bright spots

foggy moonWhen you are going through a difficult situation, it can feel like you are running through a fog with everything dark and shrouded. Your senses and ideas feel muffled and your reactions can be slow.

Changing direction might be the best thing you can do in these circumstances. Instead of continuing on the same path, make a small change that can shift your perspective, help you see things with a new focus, and unstick your sensibilities.

On a recent run, I was literally running in the dark in a dense fog, struggling with the run physically and doing some mental battles at the same time. I turned at the farthest point to head home, and was stopped in my tracks by this view of the moon that just took my breath away. You know the rest, don’t you? The run felt easier, and my mindset shifted to more positive things even when I ran back into the fog further up the street.

It doesn’t take a huge event to make a change like that in other areas of your life. But it does take a conscious effort to make something different. And many times, our difficulties have led us to negative thinking that can be limiting and unhealthy.

Making a small change or doing something positive can be what it takes to turn things around.

That could be something simple like doing something special for someone else, even if you don’t know them. Smiling and making eye contact with people instead of looking down and being self-absorbed. Changing your routine even slightly so that you actually have to think about it. Saying thank you (or even better, writing a thank you note) to someone who isn’t expecting it.

While these things might seem insignificant, they can be the trigger that sets off more positive thoughts and ideas to improve your situation.

What little bright spot can you create today?