Breathe deeply for best results

lavenderThose are the instructions on the back of the bottle of lavender body wash that I use in the shower.

I just happened to look down at it in the shower this morning and that line leapt out at me. It goes on to tout the relaxing benefits of the “aromatherapy blend of essential oils” that calm feelings of stress and help you sleep better. I actually use it in the morning because I like the scent – but I realized I was busted!

There I was thinking about my day, planning what I needed to do, how I would deal with this situation and that – and I hadn’t even noticed that wonderful scent. It took that simple command to make me stop and pay attention.

Where else am I forgetting to breathe deeply? When am I forgetting to pay attention?

In what other areas of our lives are we so caught up in busyness, distractions and interference that we forget to do the simple things?

When you are having a conversation with your family, are you completely focused on that conversation, or are you checking your phone or thinking of what else you need to do?

Do you even notice the beauty around you when you go for a walk or a run in nature?

How often do you clear your workspace and put your complete attention on that one task or project at hand?

As I move through a weekend packed with activities, I plan to clear as much of the physical and mental clutter as I can and soak up each moment as it happens. I want to engage in each activity as fully as possible. I want to breathe deeply and experience the best results.

How would “breathing deeply” change your world?