Black Friday craziness or gentleness?

As the Christmas frenzy begins today, I hope that folks will practice kindness. After 10 years in retail, I remember how frantic people get as they seek that perfect gift, or the last copy of that must-have book, or the lowest price possible using all of the sale pricing and coupons. And how they lashed out when they weren’t satisfied.

It makes me sad that Christmas has become so much about the “things” and not so much about the “spirit.” Many of my gifts these days involve giving money in a loved one’s honor to provide bunnies or goats to someone in need in far off places in the world. I do that from my computer.

I admit I enjoy not going anywhere near the mall or stores on Black Friday. In fact, I try to avoid even getting in the car. Fighting crowds and traffic is just not my idea of fun.

Instead, I’ll spend the day sipping hot tea and quietly putting up decorations, relishing the memories surrounding each of the items I pull out of their protective tissue paper coverings. The pillow that Mama made that says “This House Believes in Santa,” the delicate ornaments that belonged to my grandparents, the old-fashioned Santa that my dear friend gave me years ago. The day will be complete when I set up the tiny Nativity that I’ve had as long as I can remember, which is the constant reminder of why we even celebrate this season.

Those are the pleasures of Black Friday for me.

What are your favorite Black Friday activities?