Better not best

Photo courtesy of Michael Verhoef (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Michael Verhoef (Creative Commons)

Do you get caught in the web of inaction because you’re trying to be the best? I find myself continuing to work on projects and not letting go because it’s “not quite there.” I mistakenly think if I just keep working at it, I can get it to perfection. There, I’ve said it. I strive for perfection and find it hard to settle for less.

But the truth is that I will never reach perfection – not in writing, or relationships, or work, or running – or anything. And while it’s admirable to work to be the best I can be at any of those things, I do drive myself crazy because I feel like I’m not good enough.

Even when things seem gloomy and impossible, we can take at least one step toward better.

Each day, I need to be better than the day before. Maybe that is doing one extra, unexpected nice thing for a dear friend or family member. It could be running slightly faster – or recovering sooner after I finish. Some days it is to get out and run at all.

At work, it might be accepting the plan as good and moving ahead on it instead of procrastinating in the name of “best.” Better might look like praising one of my staff for having done a great job.

It feels so much healthier to be working toward better instead of best.

How can you move toward better?