Back to the grind

Photo courtesy of Jayne Booton (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Jayne Booton (Creative Commons)

After what seemed like a too short weekend, my first thought this morning was “back to the grind” of work, routine, responsibilities, and obligations. Not that the weekend was all fun and games – there were plenty of things that were “work,” just on a personal level. There was some downtime, yes, but a good bit of the time was spent taking care of obligations.

So why do we consider the work week “the grind”?  In reality, shouldn’t we love what we do so much that it’s a pleasure to do it? Why does it seem like a downer to have to “go to work?” And if it is, should we find different “work”?

I know people who have their dream job – it’s exactly what they want to do, time melts away when they are doing it, and they feel fulfilled and happy knowing they are doing what they were meant to do.

Not everyone can claim their dream job. But can we somehow change how we view our current job to be more like our dream job? Or at least less like a drag?

What if instead of getting up on Monday and thinking, “ugh, time to go back to work,” we turned that around? What if we said, “great, I GET to go back to work!”?

Just by changing how we think about it, we can start adjusting our attitude. Think about the different things you do during the day and try to approach them from the positive side.

For me, a large part of my job is entering the client files in the database. On a busy day, it can feel like an endless pile of work to be entered, but if I approach it as each of those people was touched and helped, then it seems more worthwhile. Instead of dreading the huge pile, I should be happy it’s a huge pile and the numbers of those helped so large. Same with entering donations – when it feels like the list just goes on forever, I need to consider that each of those people felt moved to give to help all those clients.

See what I mean? It makes what I’m doing is more impactful when I think of things differently. Suddenly, my work has real meaning. Each of those entries is an opportunity to impact and possibly change a life by the assistance we are able to provide.

As you head to work today, how can you view your job in a more positive way? How will that affect your attitude at the end of the day?