Photo courtesy of Robert Young (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Robert Young (Creative Commons)

Audacious is not a word I’ve experienced often. My personality is such that I am not a risk taker nor an adventurer. Mostly I play it safe and do what is expected.

But that seems to be changing.

I’ve written a lot here about courage and bravery. No more standing on the edges like a wall flower, it’s time to dream big and go after those dreams.

Ok, I admit I have to sit down and catch my breath after bold words like that. Whew, I’m a little dizzy and out of my league.

But really, why should you and I shy away from big dreams? What makes us any less worthy of vision than anyone else?

As I begin round 2 of Jon Acuff’s Start Experiment, our first assignment is “Audacious” – we are to spend time thinking about what that word means to us, and what is keeping us from being Audacious.

Fear is the thing that comes to mind – fear of not reaching the goal, of disappointment, of embarrassment, frustration and exhaustion. For an optimist, it’s tough to realize that my first inclination is so negative.

So what if I step out in courage as I wrote about last week (click here)? How will I feel then?

Elated, proud, satisfied – maybe still disappointed if things don’t work out quite as expected, but at least let down that I didn’t reach all my goals, not that I didn’t try. I’m realizing that I do not want to continue stand on the sidelines wishing things were different. I want to leap in with both feet and MAKE things different.

I feel like I’m standing at the edge of a canyon with a little rope bridge stretched across it and I’m terrified of heights. I can turn around and hike back down to the base camp, or I can take a deep breath, grab hold of the rope, and start walking across.

Will you be audacious and walk across with me?

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