Attitude adjustment

deer5I almost didn’t go.

I was facing a jam-packed day and it was tempting to skip my run and just get a head start on work. But something made me lace up my shoes and head out anyway.

I have to admit it was a perfect temperature, light breeze, sky just getting light. Before I knew it, I felt the worries, pressure, lists and anxiety melt away, like water washing off me.

It was almost a sensory overload, the powerful sweet scent of the honeysuckle, the symphony of birds, the lush green everywhere.

Then I noticed the deer, who seemed oblivious to my presence. The flash of deep blue as an indigo bunting flew off. The clear song of a towhee sitting on the fence. The jangle of my dog tags reminding me that I run for Bennett.

I realized I was totally and completely in the moment. I was practicing mindfulness. As thoughts came in my head, I was able to notice and release them. I was aware of my surroundings and seeing things I haven’t seen before even though I run that route every day.

Coming home, I realized that the day laid out before me now seems exciting – challenges to meet, problems to solve, people to interact with and meaningful work to do on all levels.

May your day be exciting as well!