Are your priorities right?

Photo courtesy of AndYaDontStop (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of AndYaDontStop (Creative Commons)

I have found lately that some days, no matter how planned the day is, life gets in the way and I have to be flexible. Not that it’s bad to plan the day, just that there are times when it’s more important to pay attention to what is put in front of me and know that whatever else I had planned can and will wait for another day.

And I need to keep a healthy perspective on what I am accomplishing.

For instance, one day recently a friend had car trouble, and I ended up lending my car until the repair could be made. I was feeling stranded and frustrated, upset over the extra time needed to go back to the garage. Then another friend mentioned that it was actually a great day because I helped someone out of a difficult situation. I realized I had only looked at it as a disruption to my own day.

And one day last week I had a lot to get done at work and was making good progress. The afternoon was planned out and I was ready to check things off my list.

But then a coworker and friend came in my office in tears, sharing that someone who had been very close to her had passed away. As my office mate and I comforted her, we tried to encourage her to go home and grieve away from the pressures of work. But there was a project she needed to finish. So instead of what was planned that day, we shifted gears and helped her finish so she could go home.

We all need healthy perspective on balancing planning and spontaneity. Obviously, it is important to have structure, and there is great value in planning out the day to get things done. But we also need to be ok with the fact that there will be opportunities that God places in front of us to connect with people and do things for others that doesn’t involve a task list.

I wonder what opportunities I may be missing because I’m too wrapped up in myself and my own priorities most days.

What opportunities are you missing?