Are you doing what you are meant to?

Are you doing what you are meant to do or are you just working to pay the bills?  Do you see other people who have “found their calling” and figure they are somehow special, but think that ordinary people rarely have a calling, let alone find it?

In his new book, The Art of Work, Jeff Goins takes us through a series of real life examples of people finding their calling, or their passion, and shares a rather ordinary secret that he, and they, have discovered. “This is how calling happens: not as a lightning bolt, but as a gentle, consistent prodding that won’t leave you alone until you act. That you respond to the call, not how, is what makes it extraordinary.”

The information in The Art of Work is powerful, and yet comforting; mind-boggling at the same time it is familiar. We all know that feeling that what we are doing is not what we are meant to do, the questioning and aching for more satisfying work. This book helps us see why it’s important to take even the smallest step in that direction; why we need to pay attention to those feelings – and what we get when we do.

I encourage you to be brave and take a step toward doing what you were meant to do – toward finding your calling. For a limited time, Jeff is giving the book away – that’s right – you can get the book before it hits bookstores just by paying shipping. Plus if you move fast, you’ll have access to some amazing bonuses.

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