Are you chasing a dream or pursuing your calling?

Photo courtesy of Jorge Mexicano (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Jorge Mexicano (Creative Commons)

I have been agonizing over identifying my vision and dreams for the long-term future. Nothing seems to pop out as a passionate goal, and when I think about where I’d like to be and what I’d like to be doing in 5 years, or 10 years or more – it doesn’t really look much different from what I’m already doing now.

Then it hit me. I had read a report put together by my pastor, and in it he mentions his calling. That’s the puzzle piece I have been missing! I need to focus on my calling, what I am intended to do, not on some far off dream or trumped up vision.

I thrive on impacting people in a positive way. I suppose that is how you would describe my calling. And I am living it every day already.

At GraceWorks, I work behind the scenes to make sure all the administrative things that need to be done get done –  making sure that clients’ bills get paid, supplies are ordered, and all those other critical but often overlooked things that make the work we do go smoothly.

With I Run 4, a group in which runners are paired with children and adults who can’t run, and their workouts are dedicated to their buddy, I work to coordinate matches between runners and buddies. How satisfying it is to see these new relationships flourish, and lives changed through the support and encouragement poured out daily.

From my activities at church, my writing, even my relationships with family and friends, I hope to be a positive influence. I am leaning into my calling every day.

What I need watch for is becoming spread too thin. I need to balance my current activities with potential new ones and make sure that I am not taking on too much so that it becomes overwhelming. Like the clutter advice of getting rid of something when you bring something new home, I need to let go of some activity or responsibility before taking on something new. That way I can continue to be effective and not burn out. I can fully focus on the things I need to and not have to rush through.

What a relief to realize that I’ve been looking in the wrong direction. Living out my calling is what I need to be focused on.

What about you? Are you living out your calling?