Are those goals realistic?

Photo courtesy of cathredfern (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of cathredfern (Creative Commons)

Ok, so I got up thinking I’d edit several things I’ve written recently and get a bunch of blogs posted – quick and easy, right? Wrong. At least I got one thing posted, but it took most of my writing time. Ugh. Have I gotten so bad at estimating my time?

Recently I’ve worked on several large projects that took so much longer than I expected. They tied up days instead of hours, and instead of marking lots of things off my to do list, only a couple of things have been checked off. It gets frustrating thinking I’ll accomplish a lot only to end the day with a few things done.

I guess part of the problem is that I’m not being very realistic about time when setting my goals. With so much on my list, I just want to start checking things off, and it’s just not that simple. But there is a way to get back to a to do list I can love.

I need to take into account the number of interruptions I get as well as the sheer volume of work there is. Instead of setting out to FINISH, I need to allot my time to MAKE PROGRESS. Then I can move several things forward, and get closer to finishing. And when the tasks that are really ongoing, I need to think in terms of getting to a particular point in it, and not necessarily finishing.

I also need to remember that many of these deadlines are self-inflicted. I set myself up for failure when I create unreasonable deadlines that no one else expects anyway. I need to cut myself some slack and set realistic expectations.

How realistic are the goals you are setting for yourself and how could you set better expectations?