And she takes the lead against Fear!

Photo courtesy of Darwin Bell (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Darwin Bell (Creative Commons)

Last week I did 3 things that involved huge confrontations with Fear. For some people, these activities would have been no big deal, but for me, they were terrifying.

And yes, that is Fear sitting on his behind in the dust, and me washing the dirt off my hands at the conclusion of a successful battle.

I felt compelled to face off against my fears because each of these activities involved sharing my passions with others, and since my vision is to impact others, that was a big deal.

You see, I’m a behind the scenes kind of person. I’m happiest making things happen away from the center of attention. Whether that is through my writing or as a result of my work with nonprofits, I thrive on impacting lives but always away from the spotlight.

This week has been different. I was asked to share with a group about three words (read more here), the driving force of my motivation. The best part of this experience was that after I shared how my three words have affected my own life so positively over the last three years, we broke into some quiet time, and then came back together so each person could share the three words they felt might be their driving force. What an incredible thing to hear those words they had chosen and see how excited they were to anticipate the potential changes those words would make in their lives.

I was also given the opportunity to do two different online interviews about one of my passions – I Run 4, which is an organization that pairs runners with children and adults who cannot run (read more here). Thank you Stan Bush for selecting me to be featured at Fifty Two Folks and Les Dossey for interviewing me for WOW’D – what an honor. I will even share those interviews with you here and here.

It was exciting to be able to spread the word about I Run 4. I know my own life has been tremendously changed by running for Bennett, a little boy with Down syndrome who calls me his running mom. I dedicate all my miles to him and post my runs in the closed I Run 4 Facebook group for his parents.

There’s the inspiration and motivation to get out and run, even when it’s cold or I’m not in the mood to run. There are the exciting updates about how well he is doing, and the daily prayers for him and his family. It is an amazing relationship that has changed me and I would never have expected that.

My wish is for others to have that same kind of transformation and impact, and that is why I work so hard as Connection Coordinator for I Run 4 (making the matches for others), and why I agreed to face my fears. In the end, it was worth the stress and trauma because I was able to share with a lot of people the things that drive me every day.

I also realized that the world did not end by putting myself out there. Will I make this a regular thing? Not on your life! But what a great feeling to know that I moved WAY out of my comfort zone for a good cause, and gained some valuable experience and insight into myself along the way.

I think it’s important to face down Fear every once in a while, or else you become stagnant and uninspired.

How will you fight Fear this week?

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