Adding unnecessary stress

Photo courtesy of Katie Krueger (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Katie Krueger (Creative Commons)

The more you veer away from daily practice of the things that are important to you, the more you put unnecessary stress on yourself.

Whether it is writing, exercise or playing an instrument, if it is something you feel is important, then it is critical that you build in a daily practice.

There’s no way to be really good and steady at something without regular practice. You don’t just go from start to finish by doing something once a week or every once in a while. It takes working at it every day to really improve.

That regular repetition helps to reinforce the skills. Football players rehearse drills every day until they are second nature, runners train for months before a race, and writers need to pour out their words every day to create that blog or story or book.

Not every day will be successful. There are days when my running is slow and labored. There are days my heart is not in it. But I still suit up and struggle to get through the miles, knowing that it is making me stronger and healthier. I don’t have to do a long run every day to reap the benefits.

I’ve gotten away from daily practice with my writing, and consequently, the ideas tend to get stuck and it is harder to get into the flow when I do sit down to write. When I stick to my practice of writing each morning, even on those days when my heart is not in it, the ideas start to flow and I’m able to process my life and clear my head. And like with running, I don’t have to write for hours to reap the benefits.

In what areas of your life are you adding unnecessary stress by not adhering to a daily practice?