Accept the compliment

Photo courtesy of David Jones (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of David Jones (Creative Commons)

Have you ever told someone you like their outfit or their hair looks good, and they start making all kinds of excuses? It almost makes you sorry that you said anything, doesn’t it?

I find myself doing that sometimes, too. I make comments like, “thanks, everything else needed to be ironed,” or “I just didn’t have time to do anything else with my hair.” As if I need to discount the nice thing they said and make it not so meaningful.

What does that tell the person who gave the compliment?

When people do that to me, it makes me feel like they don’t appreciate my comment, and that I’m bothering them by even having brought it up. I’ve even had people sigh, and then proceed to tell me all the reasons why whatever it is I complimented is wrong! That really made me want to retract my comment altogether!

Next time someone pays you a compliment, you just say, “thank you.” Feel good inside that they noticed, and let that buoy your day.

Thank you very much.