My passion is to seek ways to impact others and make positive change in people’s lives. My hope and intention is that my words will encourage, inspire and motivate.

As a runner and avid reader, I constantly push myself to excel and absorb new knowledge. Some call me intense or a workaholic, but I just like to stretch my limits physically, spiritually and intellectually.

With a background that ranges from graphic design in my home state of Alabama to bookselling in Cleveland, OH, and Brentwood, TN, to my current mission at GraceWorks Ministries in Franklin, TN, I embrace each challenge as an opportunity to reach higher than before. I cherish the connections I’ve made in each of these places and look forward to new connections as I pursue new dreams.

I fully believe each day is filled with God appointments, and I pray that you and I will take advantage of each one.

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  1. Hi. My name is Charles Duhigg, and I’m the author of The Power of Habit. I was writing to say thanks for mentioning the book on your site earlier this year, and to ask: the paperback of The Power of Habit is coming out on January 7; can I send you a review copy?

    The idea behind releasing the paperback in January is there might be a bunch of people who are interested in changing their habits in the New Year. For instance, studies indicate that if you want to develop a running habit in 2014, you should choose a cue like putting your running shoes next to your bed every morning. And then, give yourself a reward – like a piece of chocolate – when you get home from jogging. That way, the cue and the reward become neurologically intertwined. Eventually, when your brain sees your sneakers, it starts craving the reward, and that makes it easier to hit the pavement each day. And in a couple of weeks, you won’t need the treat anymore – your brain will come to see the workout as a reward itself.

    If I can send you a copy of The Power of Habit paperback, please just send me your name and mailing address. Or, if you would like to chat about how habits can transform your readers’ lives, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

    To a happy and healthy 2014!

    Charles Duhigg

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