A smooth black stone

fountainThe stone is about the size of a quarter, shaped roughly like a triangle, smooth and black. It was several years ago when I received it as I went into church on Easter Sunday. That part I remember.

I also remember that it was to remind me of Christ’s resurrection, although I don’t remember the exact connection.

But I still have that stone. And even though I don’t look at it or hold it or think about it very often, whenever I see similar stones, they remind me of God’s grace.

Recently, I visited the Prayer Garden at my church that has been created in our Children’s Library. What a peaceful experience. One of the prayer stations is a table filled with water fountains of different shapes and sizes, providing the gentle sound of water.

There were stones similar to mine on the table, so once again, that memory came back and made the experience of prayer there by the water even more meaningful.

The scripture passage and instructions nearby tell of when Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, and how water reminds us of washing things that are dirty.

As I stood there praying and thinking about it, the sound of water in a fountain or gurgling along a stream is peaceful and calming. And if I imagine that water in a stream, I picture it clear and clean, so I can see the pebbles and stones on the bottom of the stream. Like the dirt and grime is washed away. Like my sins are washed away by Jesus’ death and resurrection. By God’s grace.

So maybe that was the point of that sermon several years ago when I received that little stone.

All the more reason to keep that smooth black stone out in the open as a constant reminder of God’s grace in my brokenness. Praise the Lord!

What reminders of God’s grace do you have in your life?