A richly detailed journey

3 words 2013

Artwork by Mike Davenport, stickfiguresimple.com

When I chose JOURNEY as one of my three focus words this year (read more here), I had no idea what was in store for me. By choosing to focus not only on my goals and destinations, but the process of getting there, I am experiencing a lot more emotion than ever before.

Usually I am immune to emotion because I’m so busy gunning for the finish line. By slowing down and paying attention along the way, I’m discovering the depth of friendships and experiences that lead to a more fulfilling life, but that come with their own sets of highs and lows.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. It’s just a new dynamic for me that I am totally not used to. This month has brought the joy of connecting with new friends, the pain of injury, the elation of a long-anticipated change coming together, and the sorrow of losing a friend to cancer. Pretty much a roller coaster of emotion, yet each twist just adds to the richness of the journey itself.

And each new experience increases my bravery. This is my year of being brave, and choosing three words are part of the exercises for the Brave New Year course (affiliate link) with Chris Brogan in which I am participating. What a difference it makes to my entire outlook on life to be intentional about being brave, and to bear in mind these three words.

I am fascinated at the way my three words have fit together this year. I did not choose them together, but they complement each other perfectly.

Part of the journey is being more thankful, so APPRECIATE has really played a huge part. Not only do I actively practice “Thank You Thursday” – writing a thank you note to at least one person each Thursday – but I more intentionally thank people throughout the week. That simple action can change the dynamic of a relationship.

I need to remember that DELIGHT can be little things, not just big events. A hug, a sweet conversation online, beautiful music, secrets shared with a special friend. I have experienced all of these things this month. In this regard, my life is overflowing with DELIGHT.

Each new month allows me to refocus on my three words and settle into them more comfortably. Like a favorite sweatshirt, they get more comfortable with wear and more natural. Less conscious thought is needed to make a decision by taking these words into consideration, yet the results continue to astonish me.

If you have never chosen three focus words, I encourage you to give it a try.

And if you did choose three words this year, how is your progress?

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