A massage, the rain, and a puppy parade

Photo courtesy of Daniela Caride (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Daniela Caride (Creative Commons)

What is your idea of a perfect afternoon? What helps you recoup after a crazy week?

I know for everyone it is different. Yours might be spending time with family, lounging at the pool, or heading to a movie.

After a week of incredible stress both physical and emotional, I was really looking forward to an afternoon spent unwinding and recovering. I worked really hard on Saturday, taking care of some of the “must do’s” so that Sunday would be more unscheduled. For me, time to myself is critical in the healing process after a week of anxiety and tension.

Getting a massage is one of the few things I splurge on every month, so thankfully, I had one already booked. What a treat to leave limp and relaxed. It’s really amazing how much better I feel without all those knots in my back and shoulders!

I headed to my porch when I got home for some reading, and was greeted with the delightful rumble of thunder in the distance, the sweet smell of rain in the air, and a building breeze. It was the promise of a perfect “juicy” afternoon, as my mom and I call it. Before long, the air cooled, and I heard the gentle sound of rain falling through the leaves of the tree just outside my apartment, cleaning the air and refreshing everything.

Just before the rain started, I noticed several dogs being walked down below on the sidewalk. I looked over and my cat was enthralled – she loves to watch dogs go by, and for her, this was like a puppy parade!

Now we were both happy!

What an incredible release to have an afternoon so pleasant and so conducive to unhooking after a nightmarish week.

How do you unwind after a super busy week?