A glimpse of glory

Photo courtesy of Mike GL (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Mike GL (Creative Commons)

I feel almost privy to a secret each morning when I’m running, like God is showing me little peeks of glory in the amazing things I see in the early morning quiet.

A deer. A baby bunny. An indigo bunting or a bluebird. The sliver of the moon and then a colorful sunrise.

These are things I take for granted, and wouldn’t even notice most of the time. But in that peace and private time seemingly before the world is awake, He shows me glimpses. He pulls back the curtain just a bit and says, “look, just there. My glory.”

I wish I had those same eyes and open spirit throughout the day. How many other glories would I be privy to? How many glories do we each miss during the day because we are so focused on us, or work, or Twitter or Facebook or news, or all of this. What if we approached everything we did with fresh eyes, ready for that glimpse of glory.

Would we see God’s glory in the homeless man we walk past with eyes forward because we’re afraid he’ll speak and ask for money? Would we see God’s glory in the child screaming in the store? Would we see God’s glory in the poor that we look down upon as being “lazy” but who may have just been through so many problems and struggles that they have given up?

Forgive me, Lord, for judging. For not seeing that everyone I meet is a child of God. Your child. A little glimpse of glory. For you are at work in each of us – every one of us.

4 thoughts on “A glimpse of glory

  1. My favorite time of year is summer because that is when I can stand to run before the sun rises. Sometime around mile 1, 2, or 3 I will turn a corner to stare right into a sunrise. I’m sure I slow down. It’s beautiful.

    For 5-10 minutes, I feel no pain, don’t even know i am breathing, and care nothing about pace…I am only enjoying what I see…what was Created…a masterpiece.

  2. This is so beautiful, Carol!! I’ve been trying to be more aware of that glory. I’m NOT a runner, but on my morning drive, I’ve been more intentional at looking out the windshield and not at the clock. There’s normally no other vehicles on the quiet country roads. Stillness and peace fill my soul, even if only for a few minutes. We worship and awesome God.

    • Yes we do, and I wish I could be more attentive all the time. Love that feeling of stillness and peace!

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