3 Good Things

Photo courtesy of i_yudai (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of i_yudai (Creative Commons)

I had such great intentions for a productive week. I spent time over the weekend planning and scheduling what projects I would tackle. I blocked out time on the calendar to ensure that I could accomplish things.

And then Monday came.

I had one of those fuzzy headed unfocused kinds of days when I couldn’t concentrate for more than 5 minutes, everyone around me wanted to chat, and each reminder on the calendar made me cringe at the thought of doing that particular task.

I ended the day frustrated because I had accomplished so little.

What do you do when you have those kinds of days?

I know for me, the tendency is to start listening to the destructive self-talk and begin to sink into a spiral of negativity. I bet you’ve heard those voices too saying things like, “you can’t even get these things done with a list, how can you expect to accomplish anything?” or “you wasted the day and now you’re further behind,” or “you’ll never get those things done so why bother?”

Listening to those voices is definitely not healthy or productive.

Instead, I told myself that those days happen, and I tried to channel some more positive voices. One source of positive voices is “3 good things.”

At the end of each day, I stop and write down “3 good things” that happened that day. I have a running list in Evernote, so I can look back and see what I’ve written before. I got the idea from the book The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor, which I HIGHLY recommend (click here – this is not an affiliate link, I just love this book).

This simple act of seeking the positive makes me reflect on my day and realize that no matter how bad things seemed, there were good things that happened. It also makes me realize how blessed I truly am when I read back over the last week’s lists, and see what other good things I noted.

Some of my good things for the week were enjoying time on the porch after work, that I completed my homework for an online class, and that I had lunch with my mom. I record things each evening while the day is still fresh in my mind, and it turns my focus away from my troubles and frustrations to more positive happenings. And forcing myself to list 3 things is helpful because usually at least one or two come to mind immediately. It takes deeper reflection on the day to come up with that third good thing.

I also have to realize that tomorrow will be a new day, and I can start fresh with my intentions to be productive. Sometimes having an off day is just the ticket for a truly mind-blowing day of accomplishments the next day!

So for now, I note my “3 good things,” take a walk, read a book, and look forward to more positive results tomorrow.

What are your “3 good things” for today?